Thursday, November 12, 2009


October's Free Silky is the Lavender & Yellow Pansy
Every spring my sweet husband, with a twinkle in his eye and a dopey grin on his face, comes home with "something special" hidden behind his back. As if, after 47 years of marriage, I can't smell the rich soil mingled with the light scent of pansies. My favorites are the ones that refuse to blush at their outrageous deep burgundy, and regal gold finery!
But, it wouldn't be spring without the daintily dressed pink and peach, yellow and lavender, and light blue and periwinkle pansies. Their soft colors might not be as vibrant as their showy cousins, but their appeal can't be denied. Who can resist their soft velvety texture and impish faces? Children say that the places where pansies grow are the most wonderful secret hiding places for tiny fairies and other magical creatures. If your heart is pure, you may see them, too.


  1. Thank you Carolyn, love pansies with their sweet little faces.

  2. Thanks Carolyn, I adore pansies! One of my fave flowers. darn I have more than one! LOL