Saturday, July 11, 2009

Naked Block

This is the beginning of my first CQ International Round Robin... I'm look forward to having a lot of fun!!! There are five girls in our group, Darlene, Ellen, Carolyn, Nicki, and Thearica.
Our CQ Angel is JoNZ.
Ellen's finished work on my cottage block...
Ellen was the first to work on my little cottage scene.
She embroidered tiny flowers on the rose vines and larkspurs.
I especially like the ones at the base of the mailbox!
You did a wonderful job Ellen!!!

I love the way Ellen sprinkled flower sequins and beads in the sky, and the clusters of yellow silk-ribbon flowers and leaves are beautiful!

Aren't Ellen's little bees cute?!!!!!

The beginnings of my little cottage CQ block...

Painted Silky In Progress

Naked Block Close-Up

My naked block ready to make the rounds and get all dressed up.


  1. Love this block!! Your painted silky is to die for!! Enjoy your RR

  2. Very pretty, would love to see it progress.

  3. I think the little box ate my previous comment.... I was thanking you for the idea of painting on silk... I do the birds on MOPS and what a great way to use up odd silk scraps... Do you paint on buttons also?

    Gerry K.

  4. Hi Gerry:

    I think you would love painting on little snippets of silk!! Except for the slubbing, it's so smooth and soft which makes it so easy to do the detailing that you love. But, I do love the slubbing in the silk as it makes the paintings so much more interesting.

    You asked if I had ever painted on buttons. I have, but not on the MOP buttons you use. I've painted on satin covered buttons, as well as the little white plastic ones with the gold or silver filigree frame around them. I've also painted on little hearts and ovals of bisque and porcelain.

    Thanks for your interest, I am such a fan of yours! VBG...


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wish so badly that I could paint! Love your block!

  6. Carolyn,
    That's going to be a fun block for the girls to work on! Lovely little cottage scene!

  7. Beautiful painting and block! I am wondering if you can use oil paints to paint on fabrics? I have lots of oil paints and I know the shiva paintsticks are oils, but just wondering if the oil paints would work? Have you tried them?

  8. Hello Carolyn, your naked block is absolutely beautiful. Did you use water colors to paint your silky??? Can you give a tutorial on how curved piecing. Lovely block. Hugs Judy

  9. Ladies, thank you for your lovely remarks!I guess you can guess how much I love to paint --and to be able to use the paintings with the CQing that I also love is a real blessing.

    Judy, I like your idea of doing a tutorial on using curved CQ piecing, I'll try to work on that.

    Thanks to you all, Carolyn

  10. Thelma:

    I'm not sure how oil paints would work on the silk, but it would sure be fun to try. I've pretty much gotten rid of my oils, but maybe you could do some experimenting and let us know how it works. I get my Dupioni silk from JoAnn Fabrics. They have a variety of colors from which to choose; I use white, ecru, and
    sometimes a soft sky blue which works beautifully for little scenes like the cottage scene. The blue background would be nice for the dragonflies I paint, also. I bought my first piece of blue silk just recently, so I'm still in the playing stage.