Monday, July 20, 2009

July "Wings" Challenge

Following are three dragonflies I've posted in July's CQI "Wings" Challenge album.

Dragonfly Silky Painted for Kathi's HGTV CQ RR Valance
Painted with Jo Sonja's Acrylic Gouache

Beaded Dragonfly made for Tami's HGTV CQ RR Victorian block
The wings are made with clear iridescent dagger beads, the body is a cloisonne bead, and the tail is made from 6 iridescent oval beads.

Dragonfly made for Darlene's FFT #9 CQ block.
This dragonly is made from the same materials as the one above, except the wings are iridescent turquoise dagger beads. The head is a clear iridescent glass bead and the eyes are tiny iridescent Delica beads.