Saturday, August 1, 2009

August's Free Silky - Mama Hummer

This beautiful little hummingbird decided to build her tiny nest just above our fish pond which, of course, gives her access to all sorts of flitting and flying critters as well as nectar from nearby flowers to keep herself and her babies well fed. She also has a well-stocked feeder whenever she wants a quick snack.

Her nest is about the size of half of a walnut shell, and her two eggs are about the size of pinto beans. It's so amazing to be able to follow the progress of this tiny creature!

AUGUST SILKY - Mama Hummer


  1. Thanks Carolyn for the pretty Humming Bird. Ellen P

  2. Ahhhhh - I can just picture your back yard where you showed me all the little hiding places for the critters... Love it - and thank you!

  3. Carolyn...I love this little hummingbird!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks Carolyn,,such a little beauty!

  5. Hello Carolyn, I love looking at your gorgeous silky. Do you use watercolor to paint them?? Do you have a tutorial on how to take a photo and print them off as a silky?? Thanks for the help. Hugs Judy

  6. Hi Judy:
    If you right-click on the silky you'll have a little menu pop up, click on "save as," and then you can save the silky along with all of your other photographs. When you are ready to print the silky, go to your photos, right click on the hummingbird and choose the "print" option. You will probably be routed to your computer's own photo or print program, so follow those directions AND be sure you have a paper-backed fabric sheet in your printer. The fabric sheets can be purchased at JoAnn Fabrics, or at online sources such as

    If you'd like to print the silky off of my blog, just right click on the silky and choose the "print" option. Again, be sure you have a paper-backed fabric sheet in your printer.

    Thank you for your very nice comments!


  7. Thank you Carolyn for the lovely Hummingbird silky it is lovely.

    Hugs and smiles