Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Finished Work on Thearica's Block

Thearica's beautiful block in our CQI FFT #9 round robin is rapidly making the rounds, and is nearly ready to find it's way back home. I've finished my work on the block and am ready to send it on to Ellen, who will be the the last to work on it before it heads back home to Thearica.

Nicki was the first to work on Thearica's block, and she started by adding one of her delicately beautiful hand-dyed pieces of lace in the upper right corner, which she then embellished with silk-ribbon embroidered flowers and beadwork. She then added a beautiful band of silk-ribbon roses, silk-ribbon leaves and embroidered trim - see the photo below. The little butterfly in the upper right corner is also Nicki's work.

Darlene was the second to work on the block, and her addition of the lovely white lace basket (which she made on her embroidery machine), filled with silk-ribbon flowers and leaves added to the block's elegance. She then added the adorable lace-framed kitten applique, as well as a great tag-sale find of a pin with a really cute kitten playing with a ball of yarn, adding the perfect touch of whimsy!! Darlene cleverly wrapped yarn around the existing metal ball before attaching the pin to the block. Darlene also embellished several seams on the block.
With each round of embellishing, Thearica's block is taking on it's own glitzy, glittery, girly personality!!!

Nicki added the really beautiful band of silk-ribbon roses and leaves, and then further embellished with pearls and buttonhole-stitch embroidered lavender trim. The ruched purple ribbon at the top center of the block is also Nicki's beautiful work.
The lavender-colored flower in the corner of the above picture is my work.

Using one strand of DMC thread, I made the tiny bees with four French knots (three wraps each), one black knot at each end, and two yellow knots in the middle. The wings are two metallic thread lazy daisy stitches on each side that are placed in between the two yellow knots. The dotted "speed lines" are tiny back stitches done with one strand of black DMC thread.
My favorite metallic thread is "SULKY Metallic 142 7026." It is soft, flexible, very easy to hand sew, and has a beautiful metallic sparkle. This particular spool is a variegated silver, blue, pink mix that goes with any background color. Just beautiful stuff!!!
NOTE: To give a bit of sparkle, you can substitute beads for the French knots. The remaining instructions are the same.

The web is made with metallic thread (see note above regarding SULKY metallic thread), and the spider is made with two drop beads, a small black bead for the head, and a larger iridescent blue-green bead for the body. The legs are made with glossy black beading thread.
I was the third to work on the block, and my additions were the fan in the lower right corner, the beaded dragonfly and the flowers just above the fan, the spider and spider web, the lavender colored flower in the upper left corner, the tiny bees in the lower left corner, and the cretan-stitch embellished seam across the top of the center patch. I also added beads, sequins and fluff in several places.
Hope you enjoyed seeing our work!

Friday, September 4, 2009

September's Free Silky - Strawberry & Ladybug

Two of my favorite painting subjects, strawberries and ladybugs, teamed up for September's free silky! I hope you will enjoy using it in one of your CQ blocks, paper or fiber creations.
Remember, as always, you may copy and print the image for your own use, including for swaps and round robins, but not for mass use or publication.