Friday, October 16, 2009

CQI Fairy II Round Robin Naked Blocks

Here are my Fairy II naked blocks.

All Six 6" Naked Blocks

Ash Tree Fairy

Plane Tree Fairy

Silver Birch Fairy

Acorn Fairy

Alder Fairy

Sycamore Fairy

As soon as we have folders assigned, I'll post them on the CQI site.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Silky - Lily says she IS a flower, after all...

Although the October Silky has finally been posted (above), my little Bichon, Lily, has decided to hang out and keep us company for a while longer....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ellen's Finished FFT #9 Block

YAY!!!! Ellen's block is finished!!! She'll be the first in our FFT #9 Round Robin to have her block come home... Ellen, I hope you like the work we've done on your block!!!!

Thearica was the first to work on Ellen's block, and she made the wonderful, whimsical beaded bluebird in the upper left corner, as well as the bright yellow daisy and leaves, the metal branch with the tiny birds and nest, angel charm in the center, scattered daisies, and the tiny mother-of-pearl birds everywhere. I love everything you did Thearica!

Click on the picture to see a close up view.

Next, Nicki made the beautiful garden that's growing across the bottom of the block, using her gorgeous hand-dyed lace flowers and leaves. She used French knots to create stalks of snapdragons, and then embellished it all with beads, sequins and charms. Buzzing and floating amongst the beautiful flowers are bees and dragonflies. Just gorgeous, Nicki! Click on picture for close up.

Next, Darlene added a beautiful fabric-transfer angel, (below), and then gave her a set of beautiful golden wings. There are pretty silk-ribbon flowers and a tiny butterfly to keep the little angel company. The frame is made from a delicate yellow braid and tiny pearl beads. In addition to embellishing several seams, Darlene also machine embroidered the little white bird sitting in the nest, just below the angel. Beautiful work Darlene!!! Click on the picture to see a close up view.

And, finally, it was my turn to play! I began by embellishing a couple of seams, and then moved on to make a beaded dragonfly in the upper right corner. Love those dragonflies!!!!! I've had some really nubby, lumpy Edmar boucle thread that I hadn't a clue what to do with, until I decided to use it for a nest and a branch to hold Darlene's adorable little bird. I was pretty happy with my first adventure in "boucle'ing!" (Happy I didn't mess it up!)
Everytime I looked at the dark blue patch that's next to Nicki's flower garden, I couldn't keep from thinking of a pond!!! So, I went for it!!! I used my Sulky variegated metallic thread and created the surface of the "water." I added underwater plants, stocked the pond with fishies (blowing bubbles), and a tiny dragonfly skimming along the surface. I then went back and created more "water" over the fish and plants etc. Then, just for fun, I added transparent sequins and beads here and there. The fish pond is my favorite thing that I did!
And, for even more fun, I sprinkled tiny, tiny little bees everywhere!!!! Love those bees!!!

Ellen, we all had a wonderful time working on your block!!!